Friday Bake Nights

Lasagne con amore! (or Lasagne with love)

Can you ever have enough lasagne?! Don’t even answer that.

The mecca of true comfort food, no matter how you make it, lasagne will make any bad day turn out just fine.

So girl, forget that diet! It’s time to carb it up! Sue style.

Can I get a amen?

You’ll need:

-Package of oven ready lasagne noodles

-Sue’s mean Sunday sauce (see earlier post for recipe)

-Frozen spinach

-2 tubs of 300g of extra smooth ricotta

-1 egg

-2 cup of mozzarella

-1 cup of parmesan

-11x 17 glass dish

Let’s start:

Preheat oven to 375̊

Thaw frozen spinach by following instructions on package. Squeeze out all excess moisture.

Prepare cheese mixture by mixing ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, egg and spinach. Set aside.

Using some oil coat the bottom of the pan to prevent noodles from burning. You can use Pam non stick spray.

Coat bottom of dish with spaghetti sauce

Line dish with 3-4 oven ready noodles

Top with spaghetti sauce

Top with cheese mixture

Repeat layers.

Once you are about 1-2 inches from the top of the dish pan, make the last layer with only spaghetti sauce and leave out cheese mixture. Top off with parmesan.

Cover with tin foil

Put in oven for 45 minutes to an hour.

Remove from oven, pour 1 cup of mozzarella cheese on top and place back in oven for another 10 minutes without foil until cheese is gooey.

Goes great with some garlic bread and salad

You could even prepare this the night before.

Keep on baking!

Love those curves carbs gave you :)


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